Completely, Absolutely, and Unquestionably Free from the Law

If you are still wondering what I am going to be discussing in the post, then my (probably unnecessary) overbearing title failed to fulfill its duty. So, when talking about Christians, the Old Testament law, and the relationship between the two, there are usually a couple of comments said. This is usually how the conversation goes.

Skeptic: “If you believe the Bible, then why don’t you have to sacrifice bulls and not eat shellfish and everything? You’re a hypocrite!”
Christian: “No, the Old Testament law does not apply to us anymore as Christians. We are part of a New Covenant.”

Awesome. But, then something else is added.

Skeptic: “Okay, then why do Christians use the Old Testament to back up certain moral laws?”
Christian: “That’s because, as Christians, we are still bound to the moral laws, but simply not the ceremonial laws or civil laws. Jesus fulfilled all of those so we don’t have to.”

And this is where it becomes problematic. There are a few problems with this line of thinking.

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