Exactly Where I Need to Be

My friend told this story and I decided to share it, through his perspective.

A while back, I was driving down the road, more specifically, on a highway. As I drove along, that guy ended up coming alongside me. And I’ll explain what I mean by that guy. You know the guy who, when you speed up, he speeds up? And when you slow down, he slows down too? So, you are in that awkward place of trying to get in the lane where he is, but he just will not even let you. You keep ending up right beside him because he is slowing down and speeding up when you do same.

I was getting furious.

He was in the right lane and I had to get in that lane! I was turning right at this next stoplight and if I did not get into that lane then I could not get where I need to be. So, when I realized that he was not going to let me over, I began waving my arms, pointing my finger in his lane, and honking the horn to signal that I absolutely needed to get in that lane. Nothing worked. At all.

Needless to say, I was even more fired up now. The stoplight was coming up and I knew I would not make it into the right turning lane. So, I tried a few more times, had a last yell/point/honk, and then came to a halt. I could not believe that I was not where I needed to be.

But then, I looked up and realized something. The lane I was in was a right turning lane as well, because it was a multi-laned highway. After all of that anger and acting up… it was all for nothing. I was exactly where I needed to be the whole time. I made a huge fuss about absolutely nothing.

In that moment, I began to think that, sometimes, we have that attitude with God and the direction of our lives. We might be in one lane and we think that we absolutely have to be in another lane in order to go where we need to go. So we will get mad, fuss, and scream all day long, but in the end, we see how pointless our getting upset was. All along, God had us exactly where He needed us to be and He had us there for a reason unknown to us. Sometimes, God can use that guy in our life to remind us that He’s in control.

So, brothers and sisters, before you rail you fists at God and fuss about where He is taking you in life, remember that He is the author and finisher of your faith. He started it, He will finish it, and He will take you whatever way He needs to in order to get you where He wants you in the end. We are always exactly where He wants us to be and exactly where we need to be.


This is an excerpt from my book, “Church Kid: Restoring Your Faith After Being Raised in Church,” now available for purchase here.


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